If We Ever Break, This Is How I’ll Fix Us…

Recipe to Fix Us:

1 x Rubber band – To allow us to be flexible, and bounce back even though things might not always go our way – they will always work out!

1 x Plaster – To heal and care for each other.

1 x Crayons – To write down what we are grateful for everyday – and to add some colour!

1 x Balloon – When you are down, remember there’s always something to celebrate whether it be something as small as hearing that I love you.

1 x Tipex – To aid forgiveness and to allow us to move on, into the future, together.

1 x Safety pin – To keep our memories close to our hearts…

1 x Pack of Tissues – To wipe away tears, and clean up messes made.

1 x Rose – To remind us to stop and smell the roses – we’ve got all the time in the world to be us; to be together and to be in love…

1 x My Heart – this you have. And always will have. If I can make your dreams come true each and every single day, I promise I will never stop trying…

And as for the formula…

 You + Me + Love + The Above = Forever….


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